Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Letter from Elder Telona . . .

We have been trying to write to Elder McEwan's companions so that we can get to know them, and them us. This is a sweet letter I received from Elder Telona, who was Sean's companion two transfers ago. I love all of the amazing Elders who serve on Chuuk. I hope to meet them all someday :).

April 14, 2014
Elder McEwan & Elder Telona ~ Serving on Romanum

Dear Sister McEwan,

Thank you for the letter. I am really glad to have served alongside with Elder McEwan. He has taught me so much. Thank you very much for your prayers. I hope you do get to visit Hawai'i someday. It is very beautiful.

Elder Telona

Monday, April 7, 2014

We're All Doing Well Out Here . . .

The internet has finally been fixed for the Chuuk Elders! We were sooo excited to receive word from Sean. We look forward to hearing more from him and will hopefully receive a letter in the mail soon!!! :)
Our wonderful lunch at Zone Conference
this week ~ April 2014

April 6, 2014

Hey family,
I'll keep it short because I'm going to be sending a letter. Thanks for the boxes and letters
that you've sent me.
Oreos that Sister Crisp made
with the ingredients and recipe
Mom sent
Elder Jonas is doing great and we're both trying to work hard, the investigators are going well there are just some wrinkles that we need to work out with them but we are hoping to have 1-2 baptisms this next week, a teenage girl named Miikarine and Matt (side note, his wife was baptized two weeks ago and I've been teaching him for about 5 months).

Thank you momma for sending stuff to Sister Crisp to make Oreos for all of us. We all absolutely love homemade Oreos!!! :)
Love and kapwongs seni jon Chuuk!!
Elder Mikiimik
T-H-E Best Chuuk Zone
Top back left: Elders Garae, Payne, Ladore, Simpson, Schroath,
Telona, Selander, McEwan, Fefuna, Holmes. Middle row left: Sister
Crisp, Elders Crisp, Mackie, Jonas, Fabiano, O'Bray, Plocher,
Vanisi, Kleven, Fermanis, President Mecham. Bottom row left:
Elders Peck, Vehikite, Hunter, Rainey, Roque, Canakiavata