Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom . . .

I was surprised by this sweet birthday wish from my dear Elder! It brought tears to my eyes . . . doesn't take much, especially when it involves my boys :). What a great opportunity we have to rub shoulders with Elder and Sister Crisp. They are great examples to us as well as to the Elders they serve, help, and take care. Along with their many other responsibilities of the islands, they always make sure the Elders are loved!

March 27, 2014 (In Chuuk)

Dear Sister McEwan,

Is it your birthday? Would that be our today, or your tomorrow?  Your elder asked if we could wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  First elder to do that, so he thinks you are really special!

I also wanted to thank you for your service to the Chuukese missionaries in Provo. By the way, how do you make Oreos?  Sounds good!

E McEwan is doing well on Romanum.  He seems very upbeat! It is different than Mechitiw!  Some elders are fonder of this area than others.  The branch has dozens of kids running around, usually without adult supervision!  We don't choose to attend there all the time.  We can attend wherever, and we do!  Best wishes to you. Sister Crisp

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Loss on the Islands . . .

As a mom of two missionaries currently serving, it is with a broken heart that I write this post, but many have messaged as the news has been heard. We have not heard much from the Pacific Islands since February because of internet being down and mail not being sent, but received word of a tragedy that happened on March 13, 2014. We know that these dear Elders have an eternal bond that cannot be broken.

An amazing Elder in Sean McEwan's mission has passed away from a fall. Elder Miller Toa was an incredible missionary and served the people of Chuuk valiantly. He and Sean became companions in August. As I reread the letter written by Sean at that time about this dear Elder, there is no doubt that he was a wonderful person loved by all. Sean loved him dearly.

Please pray for his family and loved ones. Pray for our missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission. Pray for our Elders on Chuuk. There are not many of them on this small group of islands and they are truly brothers who I'm sure have broken hearts at this time. They are strong young men and have an extra special Spirit with them, but I'm sure they are hurting.

I am so thankful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and to know the plan of a loving Heavenly Father. Especially through hard times, it is comforting to know that He is there for us. He definitely has an ultimate plan for each one of us. I am grateful to have been able to share in a bit of Elder Toa through Elder McEwan.

Our District at Zone Conference

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March is Looking Good . . .

March 4, 2014

Dear Family,

Hey now, how is everyone? I hope well. Things are going great for me and Elder Jonas. We're looking to have 4 baptisms this weekend, a young man named Anikson, and older than me guy named Matt, and two sisters, Rowena and Sanfy. March is shaping up to be a great month!!! I just hope I get to stay for it (we'll have had transfers by the time you get this :)).

I'm doing well, just trying to get everything done that I'm asked to do. Been kind of hard lately because it's been raining every day for the past week, so we're trying to just get out when we can and make the most of it. Hey, one of the youth, Nitik, just came in the house and says "Hello!!" I really like Nitik. He's a good kid.

Rodney is actually leaving on the 8th of March, we're all trying to help him get ready so that he'll be prepared.

Thank you guys so much for the boxes and letters and everything. It really makes my day to get them!!

So a little bit about my branch. We've got about 160 members on record, but we'll be lucky if we have 10-12 of them show up (that doesn't count all of the little kids that come and attend). My Branch President, Tarsisio Walter, is a spiritual man among men and I love him! He's married and has four kids -- 3 boys and one cute little girl that has a crush on me and Elder Jonas. They're all outside and say hi and love to you all.

I love you guys. I miss you so much and I hope this letter finds you all well!! Kot epwe nomw remi ach chusefan!!

Much Love,
Elder Mikiimik

Monday, March 3, 2014

Change of Heart Day . . .

February 7, 2014

Well, last night Elder Jonas brought to my attention that I don't smile or laugh or anything like that anymore, so I went to sleep thinking about it and woke up deciding to change. I've been smiling and laughing and just flat out happy all day long! I could definitely see a difference in the way I did and said things. Maybe that's been my problem lately and I just couldn't see it until someone else pointed it out to me. Very thankful for Elder Jonas :).

We met with Matt today. We might have to consider dropping him. We also met with a kid name Sumi. Super good day all around!

Love from Romalum!
Elder McEwan

Stuck in a Slump . . .

February 5, 2014

Man, we only had 1 lesson today! Not really my favorite day as a missionary. Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a slump and no matter what I try to do, I can't get out of it!! I'm trying to be humble and find people, but it is crazy hard!!! So much for my plan.

Anyway, met with Matt and taught the Plan of Salvation, which was actually a really good lesson. Also, me and Jonas got haircuts in preparation for Zone Conference next week. I'm going to ask President Mecham what's going to be happening to me (as far as transfers go). I've heard from multiple people that I'm going to Pata, and stay on the path of the "one who trained me" (Elder O'bray). I'll be honest, I'd love it there, too! I love all the members and all of their investigators. We'll have to see what the Lord needs of me.

Keep Strong!
Elder McEwan

Zone Conference and Tour of the Islands . . .

February 4, 2014

Since we are on Weno for Zone Conference, we all went shopping for the month yesterday. Then we came back to Mwan to get changed and go to the high school to play basketball against the locals. Zone meeting had some announcements from the Crisps, then the Zone Leaders relayed some announcements/training from the Mechams and the Princes, and then a really good training from the APs entitled "Mighty Miracles . . . Wrought by Father." Super good training. Just talked about what faith is and what we can do when our faith is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ. After the closing remarks, mission hymn and closing prayer, with cake :) (courtesy of Elder and Sister Crisp).

We all started to wind down for the night, then, as I was sitting outside watching people play ball in the dark, this guy named Owen came over and sat down by me. I received an impression to teach him about our church. So after introducing myself and finding out about him, I then proceeded to share what my calling is (from Alma 5:49) and just talking with him about him and about our church. He stays in Mwan, so hopefully Elders O'bray and Selander can make something happen, because he really is a good guy.

This morning, woke up first (again -- getting pretty good at this :)), played basketball with a crazy guy, then we did a tour of all the missionary outer islands (except for Pata, which I've seen). It was so awesome to finally get to see everyone's islands. We came home and Elder Jonas wasn't feeling too well, so we both just showered and stayed here until dark. Actually, just got done doing some laundry so that makes me happy right now! Also, hopefully my plan for tomorrow works out and that Bakar Joseph (25-year old member guy) is able to come with us. Well, it's late in paradise! Good night!!

Love from paradise,
Elder McEwan

What a Great Place to BE . . .

February 2, 2014

Man, we only had 59 people in Sacrament Meeting today!! Still good, but when you figure that there are over 180 baptized members of the Church . . . Anyway, after stumbling through Sacrament Meeting, me and Elder Jonas came up the mountain to go help with a wedding at Branch Predisent Tarsisio's house. After, we went and met with this great couple, Join and Karisma. Just a small "how to begin" teaching lesson, and yet we ended up teaching the whole restoration AND teaching about priesthood authority!!! They asked all the questions, something that has NEVER happened! Great, GREAT day!!!!

Love from Romalum,
Elder McEwan

An Interesting Day . . .

February 1, 2014

So today was definitely an interesting day! Still trying to find new investigators and then today we came across 3!!! After, I was feeling super great. We headed off to see Matt and as we're walking, I see Brother Kuss just sitting talking with someone. I motioned for us to walk out together. He in turn made the same motion, so we waited for him, as we were talking with another member, Gladson.

We had a super good lesson/discussion with a potential/new investigator named Karisma. She has come to church 3 times now and so that means all she needs now is to start learning and feel the Spirit!!

This was a good day :).

Love you all,
Elder Sean McEwan

Absolutely Love Chuuk . . .

January 31, 2014

Well, had two really good lessons with Matt and Rodney today. Matt has been reading the Book of Mormon and today he told me that he hasn't been 100% honest lately, but he is now set for February 8 as his baptism day. Rodney's lesson was more of just talking about missionary work and just teaching him about forgiveness. We did a lot more walking around yesterday as well as today, trying to find new people to teach, but not having a ton of success. Do however, have my eye on a few potential investigators that could really help to jump start the branch! :) My language skills are coming along nicely now, as Romalum is the place to learn Chuukese and plus I've got a great teacher, Brother Richard Kuss!!

I realize that now more than ever I need to be careful, both physically and mentally. Last Sunday, I totally got attached by 5 dogs while trying to go get people to church. On top of that, we've had a samau or mater (illness) going around and I think I've caught some of it. Mentally, need to say focused on this wonderful missionary work.

Anyways, it's so peaceful here, night or day, and I love the feelings that I have right now! I absolutely love this place, I love Chuuk, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Love you all,
Elder McEwan

Romalum Branch . . .

January 29, 2014

Man, coming off an awesome exchange in Pata with Elder Maucie, and then I come back here and realize just how hard it's going to be to get the branch up and going again. Sometimes people go cold, but we CAN ALL DO HARD THINGS! Seminary started back up again last week, but now it seems to be struggling already. That just means our focus will need to be to keep the youth strong and on the right path. Speaking of, Rodney cam back today after spending some time with the Nantaku Elders (Weno). Hopefully I can help him to understand that now is the time to prepare since he leaves on his mission in March. He's a good guy and I really do love him.

We tried meeting with Rico, now that he's married, but he still has Word of Wisdom challenges. Same thing with Matt. Even though sometimes it's hard and we have challenges, I absolutely love serving here and I love the people. I can totally feel it helping me develop more characteristics of Christ-like behavior. That's the one thing I hope I take away from my time in Romalum is how to be more Christ-like towards my fellowman! I only hope I am helping my dear new family of Romalum in some way.

Well, I think I'm going to go to bed, on account of 1) Elder Jonas has been out for almost 30 minutes, and 2) my eyes are super bloodshot! Good Night!!!!

Elder McEwan