Monday, October 28, 2013

First Transfer . . .

After nine months, Elder McEwan has experienced his first transfer! He will definitely miss Mechitiw, but is looking forward to new experiences on Romalum. His physical address is the same except for the city is now Moen instead of Weno. This didn't really make sense to us because it is the same PO Box. However, we have been told that it used to be called Moen until about a year ago, so maybe some still use the old name.

Dear Family and Friends—

I don't have a lot of time, so I'll just make it quick. I've been transferred from Weno to an outer island named Romalum, which is so much more relaxing than being "inner island". Things are good, nothing too exciting to report because right now me and my companion, Elder Telona, are trying to go around the island and find those investigators that him and his companion were teaching first that they got on baptism dates. Glad to hear that you guys are all doing well, and all I will ask for is pictures and letters in the mail, since it's hard for me to email you guys every week.

Hey when you guys have time, look up on the internet "Operation Hailstorm." Just the name of hte attack that the US launched to help take back Chuuk back in World War 2.

They do actually celebrate Halloween, just without the costumes and all that. They still have all the candy and such. So if you want to send some the kids would love it. I can also share with Elder Telona and our missionary in preparation, Rodney Rain. He's so cool, I wish you guys could meet him. He'll be serving in Hawaii, along with a sister that I helped to do her paperwork, Keireen Matheus.

I love you all, I miss all of you, and I hope this email finds you all well.

Elder McEwan

PS Here's my address for those who don't have it:

Elder Sean McEwan
PO Box 861
Moen, Chuuk

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kapongs from the Islands . . .

Ran Allim!!

So, it's good to hear from you AND to hear that you are doing so well!!  Anyhow, things here are great for me, we have about 5 or 6 people on baptismal dates, and the sad thing is, they've all been rescheduled as of yesterday because they didn't come to church!! That is THE biggest killer of people on baptismal dates, is that they won't walk the 10-30 minutes to come to church. Oh well, we'll just keep working with them and get them coming next week.

You know the one thing that I have loved doing lately? Teaching families!!! One of my recent converts, Pwas James, had us over to teach his wife Ansita yesterday, which was a huge blessing, because while I was teaching him, I kept asking him to bring his wife into the lessons, but he kept saying "No no, I'll talk to her about it later" and later never happened until she sat down in the lesson on Saturday that we had with him about member missionary work. I didn't even realize that she had sat down until he looked at me and said "Well, that was a good lesson, and look Ansita joined for the last little bit." Then he asked when we wanted to come back and teach her!! Oh yeah, gotta love this work!! I know that the Spirit of God was upon that man and was right in that moment, because if it wasn't, I know for a fact that his wife would not have sat down and listened.

So now, I've come to the part of my email that I've been dreading. This week right now is the week that I do not like. TRANSFER WEEK. I've been here in Mechitiw for 8 and 1/2 months right now, which is a long time to be in one area. I've been thinking I'd stay one or two more, but now i've been hearing rumors that I'll transfered to an outer island, which means no emailing, which means not being able to talk to you (unless it's an actual letter). Mechitiw has become my home, and I don't want to leave because it makes me kind of nervous. Then again, I felt the same way when I left Utah. It's crazy to think that in three months, I'll be at a year as a missionary. And what do I have to show for it? Tons! Along with learning so much more about the gospel than I knew, talking to people that in the beginning were total strangers, I have also learned how to be human and have fun, which is something that I believe Heavenly Father wanted me to learn while on my mission.

Man, so much is going on in my life, and every day I'm happier, I'm more productive, and I can't imagine being anywhere else in the world. Chuuk has become my home, and I would do anything to be able to stay here.

Ngang mi sinei pwe ach ei Mwichifel mi wesewesen ellet, o a fen niwinsefan me ren ewe soufos Josef Smit. Ngang ua mochen pwe aramas meinisin repwe feito ren ach Samon Jises Kraist, me ua sinei pwe ika ngang ua fori wisei me afanafan ewe ellet, ir repwe mina.

Ai tong ngonuk seni Mechitiw, CHUUK

Seni ewe aten Mechitiw

Elder McEwan

Ps. I'll learn how to write letters again :). Keep having fun and being good!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My BEST WEEK So Far . . .

We absolutely LOVE it when P-Day comes early for us! This week we hear from Elder McEwan Sunday evening. It is sooo awesome to hear that he is having his best week so far. We definitely hope that every week is always the BEST . . .
Hello Family!!

So good to hear that everyone is doing so well at home. Me, I'm having the BEST WEEK of my mission so far!! So crazy thing first. Mom, you'll probably remember better than anyone, but when Sister Obray was talking to us about what she knew of Chuuk, and she mentioned the drunk people? Well, I've never met one or even seen one, until this last weekend!! 3 of them, all members too!! It was like, we'd get through telling one to leave, and then 5 minutes later, another one showed up!! After the second one, I was just beat and didn't even bother with saying anything. But now, I think things are back to normal (fingers crossed ;))

So I got to conduct the baptism that we had this last weekend, this makes my second. It's weird to conduct a baptism, but I was just happy to be a part of it. Then, the guy that got baptized, KM, asked me to confirm him a member!! I've never taught this guy, he's from Nantaku (a completely different area from mine) and yet he still wanted me to confirm him a member and be a part of that. WOW WOW WOW!!!

So we also had Branch Conference yesterday. Lots of people showed up, which was good, but then right in the middle of it, a couple of members got in a fight in a house down by ours and kind of disrupted things, but overall it was a good experience had by all.

Elder Schroath is back here in Chuuk now, me and Elder Toa went and picked him up last Thursday. He's from Idaho, Boise I think. Totally different procedure from mine by the sound of things. But at any rate, glad to have him back in the Zone.

As far as shoes go, same style of Crocs works for me, as long as there are no holes on top or bottom. Ties are also holding up well, just running low because I let them out to members so that they can wear white shirts to church. I think that's one of the things that I love so much about Chuuk, that I feel so needed. They are they best people in the world, and I feel so blesseed to be here!!

Give my kapong (greetings) to everyone back in Salem and the surrounding areas. Any more mission calls that you all know of? Who's getting engaged or married? How are Holly and Ronel doing? I got an email from them last week I think, and I'm so glad that they enjoyed their trip.

Man, there's so much to write and so much to say...and so little time. But, I think I'll close by relating the last two days of my studying. I've been reading out of the Chuukese Book of Mormon lately, so that I can better understand the language and how to use this specific translation, and every time I see a word that i don't understand, or a passage taht is not clear, I read through it in English, and suddenly it's like the whole world opens up and light just shooots out from the book!! I've been reading just from 1 Nephi 1 up to chapter 17, and already I can feel myself changing and with my new attitude of living every day like it is the first day in my mission, I know that the Lord will help me to be successful.

I love you all, I miss you all, and it's crazy to think that Thanskgiving is coming up soon. Don't worry, we will still have a dinner and all that. Then, just a few more weeks and I'll be talking to you guys again for Christmas!! WOW then a few weeks later and I'll be at 1 YEAR AS A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!! Time sure flies, and I'm grateful for every minute of it.

Ai tong ngenikemi!!

Elder McEwan

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happenings in the Pacific . . .

October 7, 2013
Chuuk Zone Conference ~ October 2013

Dear Family---

Things have been great here for me. Just had zone conference last night and so we are all in here on Weno. Transfers are in like two weeks, and I don't know if I will still be in Mechitiw, but will see. I glad that everyone is doing well, and staying busy. Yes I knew Micah and Emy and Kavika really well, that is so awesome that you guys are able to get to know them. Please keep helping them, because I love them so much. Do they remember me?

We have hit the rainy season here in Chuuk and so it has been wet here every day. As far as my clothes, I do need a new pair of crocs and some white shirts and ties. I did hear about Garrett and his camera, hopefully he finds a new one.

All of us at the Blue Lagoon Resort

The results of my T/B culture on the cyst still have not come in. However, the surgeon's staff promised Sister McClellan that they will contact her as soon as it does, and she will forward on the results to me and you. We actually have another Elder who has the same thing going on. He is in Guam for the same surgery. He has a different surgeon though because the one that did mine is going on vacation. The surgeon who is doing Elder Schroath's surgery came from Arizona just one month ago and is an ENT. He said he has removed many in his career and seemed to recognize "the classic" symptoms immediately. He said it is called a Thyroglossal Ductal Cyst. It is something that usually shows up during puberty. As it was explained to us, it is an anomaly that happens in about 1 in 10,000. In embryo about 5-6 weeks when the thyroid gland and the tongue move into their proper position sometimes a small single thyroid cell adheres to the hyoid bone (this is the bone the tongue attaches to). Puberty hormones sometimes set it off to grow or swell a little, usually painless; however if a pin point home forms in the duct attached to the hyoid bone, infection can get in. A cyst then forms, causing pain and difficulty eating and swallowing. He also said if the duct wasn't clipped off of the hyoid bone, another cyst could form, or maybe never again (I hope the surgeon who did mine clipped what he was supposed to :). My surgeon never told us what it was called or what caused it, so maybe he didn't know. The coincidence of two elders having this same thing, around the same time, and serving on the same island is kind of amazing to all of us.
Investigators are doing good right now, still trying to find more of the elect from The Lord. I love you, and miss you all.

Parker and Dylan--Groceries that I buy on pdays consist of ramen, pancakes, rice, tuna, sardines, and whatever else we feel like we need. Not really a whole lot to do on pdays when we are all together, but usually it ends up that we play volleyball or basketball, or me and Elder Toa and the sapuk elders go and hang out in Mechitiw. The most different kind of food that I have eaten so far...octopus, or nipwe as they call it. Hopefully that helps you out pal. Love ya!

Elder McEwan