Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just Lovin' the Work! . . .

Wow! Two weeks in a row with a letter from the Pacific Islands! Just love to hear such happiness . . .

February 11, 2014

Dear Family,

I haven't heard of an Elder Robinson, so he must have been called to another island than Chuuk. Anyway, things here are great, I love the work right now. I've been learning a lot about what it takes to be a Bishp/Branch Predidint from spending so much time with President Tarsisio.

I did receive your box today, thanks you so mcuh. The weather here is great, we'e back in rainy season though, so it h as been dumping like crazy everyday and everynight. Elder Jonas is a real dynamite, really loves the work and loves being in Romalum.

Dylan- That's so awesome that you are loving the scriptures, becausemy love for them has grown in the last few months as well. Right now,I'm reading the BOok of Mormon in Chuukese (don't know if you guyshave access to that at Deseret Book or Seagull Book) and I'm in 1 Nifai 18. Also, I've been reading from the Bible in Chuukese, and it's so awesome to read those, and then be able to explain the secrets of the Gospel in wasy taht people can understand. Keep working on your friends, but bring others with you. Talk with your advisors and tell them you want to put togther "rescue visit" and just have all you gusy go to him and others. I've been trying to do that in Romalum, and it's been such a spiritually uplifting experience for me.

Parker- GOod on ya for going with the Elders!! Keep doing that, and start studying Preach My Gospel, like really studying the scriptures written down and the points of the doctrine. Do you know the lady's name or if she has been taught by missionaries before? Man, just out of curiousity, have you considered getting your patriarchal blessing? It has truly been a great blessing to be ablt to read mine and then pray and receive guidance for my days. Too bad about the basketball seasons, but guess what? Today, after we all did shopping and had interviews with President Mecham (on account of Zone Conference being yesterday) we all put a team of Elders together and went up to Chuuk High School and played ball with the locals!! So much fun!!!

Elder McEwan & Elder Jonas
serving on Romalum ~ Feb 2014
Mom- Thanks for always trying to help me to keep a smile on my face, because I've been trying to do that a lot more lately (Elder Jonas actually called me out on it the othere day) and the differrence in my days is incredible. I'm glad work is going well, how's the progress for the copy center coming? How is Primary? Primary out here in Romalum is so different and it kind of makes me sad, because they don't teach them anything, other than songs (and they don't even have all the children's songs translated into Chuukese). It's okay though; I'm going to meet with our Primary President (President Tarsisio's wife Opono) when I return tomorrow. Don't touch the basement rooms though (just since you mentioned Parkers and Dylans rooms) because I have some special requests when I come home and I want to help you guys!!

Dad- Thanks for teaching me how to have a solid head and for always being an example of hard work. I'm so glad taht you are loving your callings, I think that's how it should be!! That's os cool that Cody and Brandon came home too. Give my regards to Elder Williams when he returns home this week. Sorry it's been cold and wet there; we've just had a ton of rain (probably the equivalent of how much snow we usually get) and it's been so nice.

I'm doing great, just really trying to work out so that I don't conme home fat. I've actually been lifting weights witht his guy that lives next door to the house. He's not a member, and I've talked to him before about coming to church and learning, but he's not really interested right now. Just cmae back from Hawaii last year, knows really good English, and just a really nice guy to be around. Name is Morrison. I hope this email finds everyone doing well, and having fun. Don't worry about me, I'm just having the best day in the history of the world!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Elder Miikimik

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Recent Transfer Brings New Companionship to Romalum . . .

It's been quite a while since we've heard from our Chuuk Elder, so today our hearts were happy :). He is so blessed to be serving on "his" island of Romalum as he calls it. What great opportunities for these amazing young men!

February 2, 2014
Dear Family—
I did receive the package from Aunt Libby and her family. Thank you so much. I also did receive the Valentines Day card, thanks for the love even if I am slow to send you guys my love. Sister Kaitlyn Fiscus emailed me a few weeks ago. It was good to hear from her and how they are doing. Thank you to everyone who supports me and sends me letters and/or emails. I don’t always have a lot of time to reply individually to everyone but it really means a lot and helps me. I love my little island of Romalum.
We recently had transfers, and Elder Telona moved over to Udot; he's still in the District but not with me. However, a fellow Utahan from South Weber named Elder Jonas moved from Weno to Romalum and so we are companions. Things are going well here on my little island. The weather is still pretty great, warm during the day and cold with winds at night. I havn't sent home the box yet, but I'll do it next week and also some journal entries!! :).
Heard about the Super Bowl, great to hear that everyone is doing awesome! I sure missed having a party!! However, we couldn't go anywhere today and not have a big screen TV set up somewhere
broadcasting the game!! I take it that it wasn't a very good game, but oh well, hats off to the Seahawks!! Too bad the Broncos lost, BIG TIME!!!! We don't celebrate Valentines Day here!! :/
Investigatros right now are going through a process of cycling them in and out, but things are going well!! A lot of other stuff going on right now in my area that is really trying my faith, but it's also
building it at the same time. Yeah whatever you guys do, keep praying for them. We have a goal set
up for 300 baptisms in Chuuk by the end of the year, and 1000 in the whole MGM. Keep us in your prayers. Also if it's possilbe send bags of chewing gum. That's the one thing I've found that really helps them to overcome Word of Wisdom problems. I buy it for them sometimes and it has helped.
Parker and Dylan, if you get the chance in the next week or so, go out with the missionaries!!
I Love you all so much!
Elder Mikiimik