Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Armor of God . . .

An email on Sunday and then a letter and pictures in the mail on Tuesday (even though the letter is from February 11) . . . What a GREAT week! We can feel the excitement and love in Sean's letters that he has for the people of Mechitiw, Chuuk, his companion, his zone, just his whole mission. He is learning the Chuukese language and sharing some with us. We are always grateful for his "hints" about what the words mean though. Now we just need a pronunciation guide!

February 11, 2013

Dear Family,

Ran annimabi!! Ifa usubi? Ha Ha, by now you all know the big news . . . I am serving in Mechitiw, Chuuk with Elder O'bray and I am super excited!!! I'm learning lots, including the language (which is SUPER hard!) but it's actually pretty fun, too. We've been teaching a lot of investigators, including one that Elder O'bray was meeting with before I got here. His is so awesome, and he knows English!! That helped a lot last night when we met with him and talked with him about THE ARMOR OF GOD. It was a super good lesson and I ended up giving him my medallion so that he can always have a reminder to PRAY ALWAYS and stay strong. He was so pumped coming out of that lesson that he's going to be baptized this Saturday!! :) Super excited!!

I'm glad that everyone is doing well, and yes, I heard about the Super Bowl (Elder O'bray wasn't too happy).

It's super hot here, a lot hotter than I thought it was going to be, but it's nice and I'm hoping I get a tan out of it. :) A little about my zone: There are 14 Elders whom I love like family and 2 senior missionary couples that are pretty much the greatest. I'll be here in Mechitiw for at least three transfers barring something crazy happening) and then I'll probably go somewhere else in Chuuk (hopefully an outer island, then you can call me Elder Kolipoki :). It truly is beautiful out here, as you will see from the pictures.

Our schedule is arise at 6:00 a.m., out the door at 11:00 a.m., teaching until 6:00 p.m. (with breaks for food if we're hungry) and I really like it that way.

We're hopefully going to have 4 baptisms at the end of this month, which is fakkun sweet!! (A hint, fakkun means really :))

So tell me what's happening at home. Have tryouts happened yet? Did you redo the house again? Did you move to a new house ('cause you know, that'd be nice to let me know). I want pictures so I can see what you guys are doing. If you could print some of you guys and also some of the ones I sent home and put them in a photo album for me and send them to me, that would be great! I could also use some okasi (candy) ~ we don't really have that here, a nice water bottle with a filter, and some SHHS baseball stuff (if it's not too much to ask).

Man, I'm so pumped to start getting into the work :). I've been here only a week and a half and I already want to go teach EVERYONE!!

Tell everyone to send letters, TONS of letters!

Kinison for being my famini!! :)

I tong ngeni kemi,
Elder McEwan

Sounds like he needs another medallion :). So proud of him for sharing something that is very special to him with these wonderful people.

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