Thursday, July 10, 2014

Service on the Mountain . . .

July 9,2014

Hey mom so guess what? I got your flash drive today!!!! Thanks so so much for sending it to me, it will really help me to really be working out!! All I need now is a pull up bar and a portable to do them on!! :)

So glad you were able to go to Elder Obray's homecoming! It was so great to see Shane and Heather when they were here. Please make sure they know how much it meant to me. They are the best :). Good to also hear that you met Dallin, HuiHui Joe, and Riley. I miss those guys, Obray, Johnson, Sofele, Jones.
Elder McEwan, Elder Canakaivata, Elder Paulis on Paata

Glad to hear that the priests had a good time at Kodiak. I was hoping they wouldn't have it this year so it would be next year when I get home though :).

Today has been pretty good, just did shopping and all that. We also went up the mountain to do service. The mountain was fun!!! I absolutely love when we get to do service especially as a zone!!!

Hey had a question. Have you heard anything back on the schools and everything yet, USU, UVU, BYU-I? What about military opportunities and working for Brad and Steve? Just been thinking about that today, thought I'd ask. Hope your day has been awesome, and hope that all goes well for you this month.

Eldr McEwan

P.S. I have another card full of pictures so I'll be sending them home soon.

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