Thursday, June 6, 2013


It was so great to hear from Elder McEwan this week. Letters are the highlight of our week.

May 27, 2013

Dear Family ~

Hey to everybody!!! First off, how are you guys? Second, congratulations to everybody that won big this week!! I read your email today and had to keep myself from yelling in excitement!!! SKYHAWKS FOREVER!! You guys are all the best!!

Me and Elder Fermanis are doing great. We've got a ton of investigators and we're really starting to gel together as a companionship. He's a super cool guy (p.s., He says hi :)), and he's a big rugby player. I'm learning so much from him. He's super dedicated, a super hard worker, and he tries super hard every day. I love him!!

Right now, things are super . . . great, but also hard. I'm feeling like I'm trying too hard sometimes, and other times it doesn't feel like I'm trying hard enough to get this work done. I'm still working hard on the language and I know that will help me to feel more connected with these wonderful Chuukese people that I love. I know as I continue to work hard, the Lord will uplift me and help me because he loves these people, too.

We haven't had a baptism in a while, but I think this is just the "calm before the storm" because we're on track to have a lot of people baptized here in the next few weeks.

I love you guys more than you'll ever realize, and hopefully . . . when I get home, you will all love the new me :).

Love, your Chuukese Elder,
Elder McEwan

We're thinking this is his testimony in Chuukese. See how much you can understand:

Ngang Elder McEwan
Ngang aten Mechitiw
Ngang seni Utah
Ngang ua sinei pwe Ewe Mwichifelin Jises Kraist ren aramas mi pin non fansoun soponon mi ewe ennetin mwichifel won ei fonufna. Ngang va sinei pwe Josef Smith I emon soufosun kot.
Ngang emon misinerien ewe Mwichifelin Jises Kraist ren aramas mi pin non fansoun soponon. Ngang va fakkun tongei kemi.

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  1. Such great updates. I love that he says "the new me". I'm sure there is more truth to that than we can imagine. They have had such a cultural shock there, that coming home will be another one. I believe Nick, when he tells me that he is a changed man... forever. Such great changes, though.