Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Islands . . .

Tender mercy that everyone's "cheese got moved" so these
Elders were able to talk to each other :).
What a GREAT day it was to be able to Skype with Elder McEwan all the way around the world on Chuuk. It was a bit difficult to talk across the Pacific Ocean because as good as internet is, it does have it's limitations. We were able to see his wonderful, happy face for a bit and hear his voice for almost an hour! It's so great to hear how happy he is and how much he loves his mission, loves the island, loves the Chuukese people, and loves the Lord.

The day even got better because times got a little changed with both Elders from what was planned, so all of a sudden . . . We had Chuuk on one computer and the Dominican Republic on the other! They were even able to talk to each other briefly, even though it was challenging for them to hear each other.
Today was a great "bucket filler" day! :).

December 26, 2013

Dear Mom and Family,
The birthday and Christmas packages that everyone sent in the mail came today!!! :) :) :). Thank you so much for all the letters and pictures from so many of the family. I also REALLY needed the new white shirts :).

I'm so glad that I was able to talk to you guys today, and I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well!!! It really made my Christmas to see everyone and be able to talk to you all!

Please know that everyone here, Elders and members alike, wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thanks you all for all the gifts and for the help and support at this time in my life!!
Please every one have a safe and Merry christmas!! love you all so much!!!

Ai tong ngenikemi,

Elder McEwan
All the McEwan "boys" talking to each other
Christmas 2013 from Salem to Chuuk to the Dominican Republic!

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