Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day . . .

May 11, 2014
What a wonderful Mother's Day! We had 45 minutes of
wonderful sound and picture.

Hey there everyone!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! So, pretty glad that I got to talk with all of you guys today, along with Stefani. I forgot to ask one thing. Mom and Dad, if you guys could start looking at registration dates for colleges and also see about military opportunities. Just see if you can't get some information, just so that we can kind of be thinking about that stuff so that I'm not late or anything.

Well, things are good. That's really all I wanted to say. I'm glad that you guys all look great, and I love and miss you all!! Please know that no matter what, I know that this Church is true, and that it is our responsiblity to help further this work on the Earth.

Also, all the people of Sopwata say hello and Happy Mother's Day, and my cute little sister, Javyanne, says hi and that she loves you all (she's super cute, 4 years old).

Love to all,
Elder McEwan

This is one of the guys that took care of Elder McEwan
when he was in Guam for surgery last August. He was visiting
Chuuk for the week and wanted to "meet" the family :).

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