Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love from Mechitiw . . .

More great news from Elder McEwan. We are so grateful to have him in our lives. The gospel is wonderful and it is so humbling to hear of the faith-building experiences he is having as he shares the message of a loving Heavenly Father with the people of Micronesia Guam Mission . . .

Happy April Fool's Day!! And CONGRATULATIONS to you, Garrett!! That's sweet to hear that you will be serving your Father in Heaven in the Dominican Republic! And to have Jake going with you too!! I know you'll have fun, and hey, count yourself lucky that you will be taught your mission language while you are there instead of waiting until you get out to the field. I want to hear all about it, k?
The pair of glasses that I have right now are still good, but I just found out Friday that the AP that is still staying in Guam says that he has seen them, so if I end up training next transfer, I will go back to Guam and see if I can find them. I'm so sorry that I didn't make it out here with them, but that's actually an interesting story. I don't know if I told you, but literally the day before we left for Chuuk, I got super sick and when we got back to the AP's house that night, I fell asleep on the couch with my glasses on the top of my big suitcase so that I didn't have to worry about trying to find them in the morning. Obviously, that didn't work out at all, so I'm hoping that I can locate them if I go back to Guam next transfer. Some of our Elders that went back this last transfer to pick up trainees actually found my scripture bag and bible, so I don't have to worry about that. I do need one pair of dress socks though, because one pair has been worn through. That's something really cool about out here, is that when you go into someone's home, you take your shoes off as a sign of respect for them and their home. My speakers are good, I forgot you had sent me with an extra pack of batteries so I just replaced them and now my speakers are working great. About the money, I now realize that I can make it on the money that I receive from the mission, and only use my personal account when I need to. I've been fasting and praying about this, and I really did receive an answer that I need to be smart with what I buy. So from now on, only the necessities will be bought. 
That's so fun that you all had a good Easter and got to do the Losee Easter Egg Hunt and that you were able to help Aunt Kelly. My Easter was good, it was just a really slow day for members to come to church (and no, the package has not come into my possession yet. Because of the holiday, the post office has been closed all weekend.) We had Rescue come though, which means that he has now been 3 times, and if he can keep himself worthy this week, he'll be baptized this weekend. It's been so fun to see some of our investigators grow and progress, especially Rescue and a guy named Rino. We've met with Rino for about 2 weeks now, and he says that he has given up all the things that would've otherwise kept him from progressing. He tried to come to church yesterday, but his family was doing some barbeque for Easter. Both Elder O'bray and I are praying for him all the time that he can be able to come to church next week, so we'll see what happens.

No, I don't have my drivers license yet, but I am going with Elder O'bray and the Zone Leaders to get it tomorrow. I am thinking that all I have to do is apply for it and then pay the money for it. It'll be a great souvenir. Yes, our power is working but now we have no water in our tanks. That's how we do it out here, is when we need water to shower, we either wait for rain, shower outside at a members house, or shower at the Eakins. Lately, we have been showering down the road again at the home of the Herry's, a family that Elder O'bray helped baptize when he was first here. The food is actually really good, though it doesn't have a lot of flavor. I still haven't had dog yet, but I've now learned how to ask the members when we will eat dog, so we'll see about that. We didn't have any more baptisms in March, and right now we are trying everyday to find some new investigators, either because we have had to drop investigators or we simply can't meet with them anymore because their family does not want them to. Hopefully, April turns out to be a huge month for us!!
I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing well and having fun!! It definitely has taken faith to make it through each day without worrying too much about everyone back home. But every time that happens, I just have to tell myself to stop and realize that right now, Chuuk is my home, and I need to keep my mind here so that I can worry about my new friends and family here. I'm so grateful that I am serving here and I wish you all could see the type of people that we are meeting with and the changes that they are making in their lives. 

Ai tong ngeni kemi!!
Elder Q

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