Monday, April 1, 2013

Heaven on Earth . . .

I did get the Easter package today, thanks for sending all that stuff (Elder Obray really liked the Oreos). Unfortunately, we were not able to watch Conference this weekend as it is not yet translated into Chuukese. However, it should be here within a month, so it'll be nice to read up on and hear what was said. That's nice to hear that the Payson temple is moving along great, I wish that I had access to a temple, but I have a feeling that it will mean that much more to me when I get home. Things are going kind of slow right now for us. We found out that Rescue is going to be busy all this week with work, so it'll be tricky to try and meet with him to make sure that he is worthy to be baptized this weekend. Plus, we are still trying to find new investigators to teach, because our pool of people is starting to run dry a little bit. Hopefully we can start doing a little bit more less active work and find some people that way.

That's awesome that you were able to talk with Garrett's mission President. Everyone  in my district is super excited for him, and Elder Obray wishes him the best of luck in the Dominican Republic. Aeration is one thing that I realize I miss a lot, because there is not a lot of grass out here, mainly just weeds and ferns and palm trees (yes mama, I said WEEDS ). 

I regret to say that I have lost my camera. I don't know where I've lost it, I've looked everywhere that it could be, and I've asked everyone that I think might have it, but it is no where. So....if it is not too much, do you think you guys could send me another one? Not just like it, because I don't want to make that a problem for you, I simply want a camera to be able to take more pictures and send them home so that we can have them to look back on and think about the memories. Also, I realized the other day that I still want to support SHHS Baseball this season. So, if you could send a sweatshirt/t shirt and a hat out here, I would be very happy. 

A little bit of news this week. I am still working hard on the language, and it's coming along. I had another Language Day on Friday, mainly because Elder Obray wants to make sure that I am ready to train next transfer. Also, one of our investigators, Rino, was so so SO close to coming to church yesterday, but didn't make it. We were super confused as to why he didn't, and met with him about it this morning. He told us that he had some angry feelings about something yesterday morning, and didn't want to be around people when he was like that. So we talked today about why it is important to come to church all the time, not just when we are happy. Then we gave him a blessing, and I'm not going to lie, that was the most peaceful feeling I have ever felt before. I know now that my Father in Heaven truly does care about these people, because I am starting to feel more love and a desire to help them and to teach them. It truly is like Heaven on Earth out here.
I love you all, I miss you all, and I will write soon!!
Ai tong ngeni kemi!!
Elder McEwan

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