Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving Life in Guam . . .

September 14, 2014

Ngeni ai famini mi achengicheng---

Ifa usumi non ach kei ran?!! Ua men pwapwaitikemi pwe ami mi taweingaw jok!!!

Dylan, men och porausom na non ei wik!! Ua fen kuna om kana sasing, ka fakkun jaiwakawak!! :) Sopweino ne fori wisom na, pun men auchea kepwe kaeo, kepwe sinei. Ngang iei, ua pwal achocho ne keki toro nge inisi ese kon watte usum. Nge ina, kopwe jok anisi ei ika uwa niwino reom!!

Parker, uwa mochen pwe kopwe fofforuch non sikkun!! Mwa onnan!!! ;) Hahaha atakas, men och porausen BYU!! Sipwene jok anisir non iotek pwe repwe ne akufu tepetep team non ei jok ier!! Ke mi jok pwal football ika apw? Ngang ua men pwapwa pwe ke mi juwen fofforuch!! Congratulations ren omw na ke fos non ena mwichenap!! Ifa usun? Ajojo pwipwi, pun uwa mochen aipwe kunok sefan me kopwe fitiei ne kukkuno ekkis meinisin!!! Ami me Dylan!!

Mom, ai tong ngonuk mi anonnon!! Nge pwat ka fen eriaffoua ekkana student ren omw na offeni kana computer?! :D ahahah wakkakakak, just joking!! I 'm doing super well too, just trying to stay healthy and keep working hard and busy!! I'm glad that you were albe to listen to the General Authorities and learn from them!! What is your work schedule like right now? Is Christine still working at the Jr. High too? I'm doing great, just loving life!!

Dad, that's so cool that you got to see your Canadian friends again!! How was the meeting? Anything exciting going on with your ward? What'd you do for FHE? That's sad about Mike, I'm going to miss seeeing him when I get home :( That's so good that Carmelo didn't leave for LA, and we'll see if Peyton can pull someting out this year to make up for Super Bowl ;p :D

I love yo all, ai tong ngenikemi mi fakkun tekia nap seni ekkewe fuu ra masoueni nang!!

Elder McEwan

P.S. Dylan, that's super good your news this week!! I saw your picture, you're freaking jacked!! Continue to fulfill your calling, because it's super important to learn and know. Me, I'm trying to also lift weights but my body is not as big as yours. But that's okay, you'll just have to help me when I come home!!

Parker, I want you to start behaving in school!! DANG MAN!!!! :D hahahah just kidding, that's super good new about BYU!! We'll just pray that they can beat many teams this year!! Are you playing football this year or no? I'm super happy that you are doing good things!! Congratulations on your assignement to speak in that big meeting, how was it? Try hard, brother, because I want to see you again and have you come with me to hang out everywhere!! You and Dylan!!

Mom, my love to you is very deep!! But why did you make those kids suffer by turning off their computers?! hahahaha just kidding!!

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