Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Baptisms in Harmon . . .

September 8, 2014

Dear Family --

We also had a very good week!!! :D :D :D
Dinner at President and Sister Zarbock's
along with Leadership Council
First off, two baptisms happened in Harmon (my area). A brother and sister, Ethan and Demitrah Retuyan, entered into the waters of baptism on Saturday. Super exciting, I've been helping them for the 3 weeks or so, whenver I got here. I was so humbled because Ethan aksed me to baptise him, and now we are working with their family. Everything in Harmon is going well, Elder Afualo and I housed some of the Zone Leaders from Pohnpei and had to drive them around for shopping and such. They have gone back to Pohnpei so we will get back to "normal" now. Being a Zone Leader is rough, I'll be honest. But I love it and am learning so much. I know though, that I am being prepared for somehting in the future and I hope and pray that God will continue to support me.

Now Dylan, you are a lucky guy!! Send me some more pics of footballl please? You know that they play it here in Guam? Congrats on becoming a teacher little man, and continue studying Preach My Gospel!! :D You know what, I'm excited for us to go drivng too, I miss ya!!

Parker, make sure that you send me pics from Chicago!! Why'd Mr. Bills decide to go all the whay out there? How was the fireside? What was the topic and who all spoke? Make sure to keep reading from the scriptures and studying all those books, and cut your hair man!! :) Ya look like David Beckham!! ;D Hahah jokes!!

MGM Zone Leaders ~ What amazing Stripling Warriors
(Elders AND Sisters)
Momma, That's so awesome about your business!!! What was the project you just did, temple or just someone needing a tile? I see tiles with the "Missionary" quote, the one about missionaries leaving their families for two years so that others can be with theirs for eternity, and I always think of you!!! Anything exciting happening at the Jr. High? How about in the ward? I just looked at the pictures you sent me, and MAN!!!!! EVERYONE'S CHANGED!!!!!!! The little cousins aren't so little anymore :). I don't recognize anyone anymore, kind of like that Lonestar song, THAT USED TO BE US. I'm so grateful that you are my mom, even though that sounds super cliche and cheesy, but it's true. I love you!!

Dad, I'm so happy that you are doing well!!!! Semester just started? How many new students/ward members do you ahve? How about work? Anything new with your project/position? Anything new and exciting in the world of sports? Just want to know because I heard a rumor from the Young Men that Carmelo just signed or is thinking of signing with the Lakers? True or False? Please please PLEASE will you send me some mission stories, stuff that I can read? I don't know why I didn't talk to you about it more before I left, but I wish that I would've asked you more about your mission before I left.

Rainy P-day so we're all staying indoors ~ Still wearing
our missionary badges though :)
Family, life is good!! The Lord is good to those who keep His commandments and strive to teach others to do the same!! I ask all 4 of you, please continue choosing the right, please continue doing things that will bring you all closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I will continue to pray for you all the time!! I'm doing great, loving the atmosphere, and trying to do my very best. Sometimes it doesn't fell like it, but I know that if I do my best, the Lord will take care of the rest!!

I did have a question though. Are you guys able to send me a sweatshirt (the A/C is super BRUTAL!! especially after not having it for 19 months :)), basketball, some of the HYMNS cds (cause that's all we can listen to right now), pictures of family and friends, and some family history stories? :D

Love to all fiti ai pwos,
Elder McEwan

P.S. Thanks for checking on jobs and colleges for me, Mom, so I don't drop off the end when I get home :D

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