Monday, October 20, 2014

A Mama Letter . . .

October 19, 2014

Well Mom, I haven't decided yet on what I want to do for college yet...but I will hopefully be able to let you know next week, just everyone pray for me and all that :)

Yes, I did get those postcards, very humbling and funny ;) Thanks for thnking about me even though I'm really bad at writing...

The work in Harmon is giong well right now, we have 3 investigators who will hopefully be baptized in November, a Samoan young man named Ralphie, a 25 year old guy named Joshua (he's from Washington, D.C.) and then Lashawn. She should have been baptized this last weekend but still is having doubts. We are goiing to meet with her this week!!

Everything is good, Elder Afualo and I have had some realy good conversations the last few days. We, along with all the missionaries here in Guam, are teaming with the wards to do Home and Visiting Teaching, so that'll be super fun!!

Other than that, how are you? How was work this week?

I love you Mom, and I wanted to also thank you for the things that you have taught me and showed me how to do. I finally reached a culmination of things last night, and I realized that there are so many dumb little things that I am not doing right now, super easy things taht you taught me on a daily basis. I'm really sorry, that I haven't been the best example, I know that I may have appeared to be, but I want you to know how much I love you and how much I really am looking forward to seeing you again!! You truly are my hero, Mom!! There's a good song that I have lovingly added to my music library right now, about missionaries who credit everything that they do and everything that they are to their moms. It's called "M.O.M" by the Nashville Tribute Band.
I love you so much!!
Elder Sean McEwan

P.S. will you also check up on BYU-I? I just want infromation, just like we did it before. Dates for reg., classes, majors, etc. Thank you!!!

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