Monday, January 5, 2015

MGM 2014 Baptisms, Reactivations, and Miracles . . .

January 5, 2015

Dear Family--

Life here in Guam is still going well, we just had our mission leadership council (my last) and it was so good to be able to see everyone from the different islands and to hear from President Zarbock. Right now Elder Matalolo and I are tryng to get things organized and ready for the new year while still trying to get out and teach. Yeah Dylan we are able to do indexing but with our schedule it's hard to set it up to where we can go. But I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that everyone is having a good start to 2015.

To sum up the last year, I'm going to include an excerpt from an email from President Zarbock that tells us all how the MGM did for the 2014 year:

Dear Beloved Missionaries,

We have totaled up the numbers for the year, and we have some wonderful news regarding baptisms and reactivations for the year of 2014. We truly are witnessing miracles in this mission.

For baptisms, we had 783 baptisms in the mission. Equally as important as the baptisms, we were also able to witness 435 people return to church activity, through your reactivation efforts, for a total of 1218 people who have either joined the Church or returned to full fellowship with the saints.

It's so exciting to see this growth here but as President Zarbock AND President Hinckley have put it: IT IS NOT ENOUGH. I don't know where the MGM will be 1 month from now or 3 months from now or 1 year or 5...but I do know now that this work is the greatest thing that I have ever been a part of and I'm so happy that I was sent here. The last two years of my life have truly been a blessing as I've learned and experienced much.

The people are doing great we actually had a less active family come back to church yesterday, the Gildifan family. We haven't been able to meet with them for about 2 months now as they have just been super busy with holiday festivities and family business but seeing them yesterday just made me so happy. Honestly I have crossed paths with the most amazing people the last few months and two years and it makes me sad to leave but I hope to still be able to help them from the other side.

Other than that, just trying to finish strong.

I love you all!! I hope this year of 2015 is the best for everyone and I'll see you all soon!!

With love,

Elder McEwan

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