Monday, January 26, 2015

My Last P-day in Micronesia . . .

The last P-day in Micronesia carries many emotions on both sides of the world. We're happy for Elder McEwan's return but know how much he is going to miss his Micronesian family once he leaves the islands. They are such a big part of his world and his heart. As a family, we are so grateful for the opportunity that Elder Sean McEwan has had to serve an LDS mission and know that he nor are not the same because of his choice to serve. The Micronesian people also hold a very dear place in our hearts and hopefully some day we will have the blessing of meeting those that have taken care of our Elder and are also so dear to him.

January 25, 2015

Dear Family,

Thanks for all the support. Things are going well so far we just had transfer calls last night so Elder Matalolo will now be with Elder Naegle (also from UT).

As far as what to do after the airport…Like I always say...A nonnom remi (it's up to you guys) J.

Kind of a lot to talk about but I'll save it til Friday.

I love you all!

Elder McEwan


  1. Guam Mission That article reminded me my travel with my colleagues at Writers Per Hour last month. That was so awesome, so I decided to write an article on that topic with additional pictures. Coming soon by the link above.

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