Monday, July 29, 2013

Love the place . . . Love the people . . . Love the work . . .

To see the change in lives is incredible, not only in the lives of those who are searching for the truth, but also those who are teaching it . . .

July 29, 2013

Hey Fams!!!

Things here in Mechitiw are going great!!! Unfortunately, the two elders from Udot left yesterday to go out to stay on another outer island with Elder O'bray, so it's back to just me and Elder Fermanis. But with transfers on Wednesday, who knows if that will stay the same.
Reklude's Baptism
But whether I go or stay, I know now that I can do hard things ;) As far as baptisms go, we've had a ton thanks to Elder Rainey and Elder Schroath, the two from Udot. Also, I got to baptize one of my best friends a few weekends ago, a 20-year old guy named Reklude Ludwig, and yesterday he received the priesthood. Man, there are so many things I want to tell you guys, but I don't think it would all fit in one letter. But I'm glad to hear that everyone is happy and busy.

One experience that really opened my eyes happened yesterday, and it was actually two experiences. The first was having to tell Elders Rainey and Schroath good bye after having stayed in the same house with them for over a month and really bonding with them. Never before did it hurt so much to have to say good bye to what really was half of our companionship. But after we got back from dropping them off, I had an amazing lesson with Reklude and another young man, M4, who are both wanting to serve missions. Now, it should help to know that I've been wanting to start a mission prep class in Mechitiw for over two weeks now, but complications and confusion have made it so it has not come about yet. But last night, I sat down with the two of them, and had a solid lesson about why it is important to prepare for our missions and what we can do with that preparation. We read Ephesians 6:11-18, and talked about why we need the armour of God and why it is important for us to "armour up everyday" (thanks Bryce and Kevin Hair ;) ) Then we watched the For the Strength of Youth video for this year and watched some clips that had to do with strengthening others and "inviting others to come unto Christ". That's why I want to do this class,because the youth in Mechitiw are strong and want to go serve missions, and I figure any little thing that I can do to help that, I will do it.

Thank you guys so much for the pictures and everything you've sent, it's great to see how much  everyone is changing. And speaking of people changing, another event like that happened today to me and Elder Fermanis. This morning we had no minutes for our phone, so we went looking for some, and finally after about 15 minutes found a little store in a village called Pinapong that sold phone cards. So we walked in and found ourselves face to face with one of our former investigators, Nakich. So we talked with him, and found out that he really misses us meeting with him. He said that his thoughts and his brain are much clearer when we come to see him, and he said that he has also given up smoking and wants to change his life!! Fakkun semwen huh?!?! (That means "Super sick huh?!?!") I told him I wanted us to meet on Wednesday, just in case I get told that I'm leaving. Thank you also for praying for me. You know, it's weird serving a mission. Not even talking about the Chuukese people, but about the other missionaries. It's weird to see how much we are picking up on bits and pieces of the culture. I don't know, it's just got me thinking about what type of person I'm going to be.

Anyway, I'm glad you are all busy, because if there is one thing I am learning, it is not to be idle. That's one thing that I'm also teaching these members, if you have spare time when you are not sleeping, you need to be doing something productive. Don't wait for things to happen to you, go out and make them happen. That's what I'm doing today. Me and Elder Fermanis decided that we wanted to have our own P-Day so we are hanging out in Mechitiw with the members and the people. Mwa, these people are some of the most beautiful ever, and I really know that I am really and truly blessed to be serving here. It takes a very special missionary to serve here, and I have been thanking my Father in Heaven every day that He sees me as one of those people. Also, I finally received my Language Mastery Certificate, meaning I am now a Chuukese Language Master. I've taken pictures of it, and they will be on the next card that I send home.

I love this place, I love these people, I love this work. When I first got here, I was scared out of my mind. But now, the only thing I'm scared of is having to leave home again when two years is up. These people have become my family, I cannot imagine my life without them in it. One family in particular, the Petrus Family, has been like the family I left in Utah. They feed us, they wash our shirts, they come down and hang out with us at night, and they just have the pure light of Christ that we all want in our own individual lives. Them, and President Weita, are going to be the hardest people to have to say good bye to, but I know that they will be watched over and cared for if I continue to do God's work, just like my family back in the States.

Ngang mi sinei pwe ei mwichifel, Ewe Mwichifelin Jises Kraist Ren Aramas Mi Pin non Fansoun Soponon mi ewe ennetin mwichifel won ei fonufan ikenai, me ua pwan kinisou ngeni Kot ren ei tufich pwe a fen nifang ngeniei pwe ngang mi tongeni angang non Chuuk, non Mechitiw. Ua
wesewesen pwositi kemi, nge iei ngang mi sinei pwe ekkei aramas, pokiten ra fen kuu netipei we, upwe pwositir napseni ami jok. Ngang mi sinei pwe ika ua juwen achocho ne fori wisei we, me aitir pwan nom rer, upwe ne fakkun pwapwa napseni menom.

Ai tong ngenikemi!! Ena tong mi ennet, me wenechar, me ese pwan tongeni much tori mano!!

Elder McEwan

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  1. I have loved reading your letters. It sounds like you are enjoying your mission and that you are keeping busy and loving the people there. I don't know what the last couple of paragraphs said but I can feel the spirit in them. By the way, this is Aunt Peggy since you probably didn't know that by my grandmapeg name.