Monday, August 19, 2013

An Answer to a Prayer Near and Far . . .

We were very excited to receive two letters from Sean this week! He shared a very personal experience with us. We have debated whether or not to share it here, but feel that it may help someone who reads it with their own testimony whether it is strong, building, or don't think it's there at all . . .

. . . Things are good here in Guam. It's been nice to be here, but I definitely miss my home. 
So I'm glad to hear that you guys are still keeping busy and having fun, it always makes happy to hear what you everyone is up to. I want to try and keep this email short to tell you guys about the experience that happened to me last Friday before the surgery...
. . . Leading up to the surgery, I wasn't super nervous but that's only because I'm from Chuuk now and nothing scares me. But just the day of, I'd been hearing stories of some crazy things happening to missionaries out here, so I became a little nervous. But Elders Gasu, John and Samachy gave me a blessing the day of the surgery, and so I went off. But when I got there, they had me change into a hospital gown, but they told me that any undergarments could stay on. That was a huge relief, because I had been feeling that if I was still able to wear my garments, I would be okay. But then the nurse came back in and told me that I had to take my "undershirt" off. That got me panicking. But I did it anyway, because I didn't want something like that to push the surgery back. Then they got me all situated, took my vitals, started my IV, etc. But I was still just feeling very nervous at the thought that I had taken part of the garment off. So while I was just laying on my bed, I said a little prayer that Heavenly Father would bless the surgeon and the nurses that they would be able to help me and know what they were doing, and also that I would be comforted before the surgery. And right when I said "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen" I opened my eyes...and the most amazing thing happened. I saw Grandpa Ockler walk in, along with you guys right behind him. And I didn't say anything out loud, but you all talked to me and I talked with you guys. Sister McClellan didn't see you guys, neither did any of the nurses or doctors, but I did, and it filled me with this overwhelming sense of calm to see you guys and hear your voices. You all stayed with me in my room, and then walked with me down to the end of the hallway before the OR, and I know that that was a direct answer to my prayers from my Father in Heaven, who gave me that one moment to experience something that has strengthened my testimony and my faith in Him. Just thought I would share that with you guys to let you all know how much you mean to me and how much I truly miss every single one of you. 
God loves each and everyone of us, I know that, and I also know that if we are striving to do things His way and in His time, we are going to be part of miraculous things. 
I love you all, I miss you all!!
Kot epwe nom remi ach chusefan!!
Elder Sean McEwan

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