Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm Back "Home"!

It's so wonderful to see how the experiences Sean is having is molding him into an even better person than when he left for Guam. Even though many of the things learned on a mission are sometimes things that our parents, grandparents, other family, friends, coaches, church leaders, etc. try to teach, it is received more fully when we are "in the field". Lessons are learned much better when we're far from our familiar life.

So grateful for all of the young men and women and those in their "twilight years" who give their all to help others ~ both those who are serving as well as those who are waiting to hear the gospel and have the long awaited for true happiness that can only come through the light of Christ. You never know when you are going to be an answer to someone's prayer(s) or how long they have been waiting for that answer.

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, I just back to Chuuk late last night and I am definitely feeling it! That's so incredible, that experience that you had, Mom. I just printed it off and am going to store it with the rest of my letters. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Yeah, I can receive pictures through email. In fact, I just got one from Elder Hill the other day. Looks like he is doing well and having fun.

I'm so glad that every one is doing awesome and busy with school and such. Nothing too exciting today, just typical basketball P-day in Chuuk. But I'm sooo glad to be back. I really missed my Chuukese family. I found out that I did receive the package you sent, but the basketball, pump, and t-shirt were stolen because some people broke into our house while I was gone. Luckily though, the pictures, the tie from Holly's and Ronel's wedding, and the filtered water bottle were still there. I also received all of the letters as well.

One last thing from my time in Guam with Elder Gasu. Now it'll help to know that he has become my best friend and I can't imagine where my mission would be right now if I didn't know him. But while I was with him, he taught me the importance of setting goals for myself and coming up with a list of traits and talents that I want to develop while as a missionary. I thought about that for a little while, and realized that he was right. We can all do that though, not just the missionaries. Heavenly Father has given us and blessed us with this time on Earth to learn and to grow and to better ourselves, so that we can become the best that our Heavenly Father knows that we can be. I know that the things I have listed as things that I want to learn more about will not just bless me during my time as a missionary, but also when I am through being a full-time missionary. I invite all of you guys to try it, to just think of some spiritual qualities that you all want to work on, and then write them down and do your best to work on them this week. You'll be surprised to see how much you guys will grow from those things that you write down. I pray that this email finds you all doing well, and know that I pray for you all everyday.

I watched the Joseph Smith movie today (in my Zone Leader's house) and it really struck me how tight Joseph was with Alvin and Hyrum, and especially those people that joined the Church after that. And it got me exactly have I been an example like that in my life, to my family and to my friends...and I realized that I have some things to work on, because I know that even though there were times when I was a good example, there were also times when I know that I was not. But being in Guam, and especially being in Chuuk, it has taught me about brotherhood, and how important that really is. Brotherhood is like what every coach has taught us in football. Brotherhood is trust in the guy next to you on the line, to know that no matter what, he is not going to fail in his responsibilities and duties. Brotherhood is knowing that on defense, all you have to do is worry about your own specific area and trusting that everyone else has put in the time and effort to do the same. That's what I relate this work to, a football team. If everyone has practiced and studied, and then they continue to study and progress in their knowledge of the gospel, this team will win day in and day out. But we have to be completely focused on our goal, we cannot be distracted from our goal. Any time that someone drops a pass, I've always thought, "Oh man, that guy is gonna hear from his coaches later." But one thing that I have realized is that the best teams in the world don't focus on what they did wrong, but how they can ALL improve and win. That's your job, that's my job, that's OUR job. Every time we have a companion that doesn't get up on time, we don't belittle them, we don't yell at them. We are simply honest with each other, we talk about how to make each other better. Every time our companions don't put in a good effort for studies, we simply push each other to be better. That's why God and Jesus Christ have recommended that this, the most amazing work on the face of the planet and in the history of the world, be done "two by two". Two scriptures that have really helped me with this come from Ecclesiastes 4:9 and 10. I invite you to read them sometime, either for studies or just when you have a minute, and try to think of how you can apply this to your companionships in your life.

I pray that the Lord with keep you and continue to bless your life, and He has mine. Never forget that I will always be here for you, and that I constantly pray that you will have that Hercules strength :)

Ai tong ngenikemi
Ena tong esap much tori mano
Usap pwan menuki ami non ai iotek

Kot epwe nom remi ach chusefan

Elder Sean McEwan

Aten Chuuk mwa!!!

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