Thursday, August 15, 2013

News from the Nurse . . .

News from the mission nurse. We have been so grateful to be able to "talk" with her this week and stay as updated as possible as to what is happening on Guam. She is such a sweetheart to this family that gets very anxious about the word "lump" :). What an amazing "family" he has to take care of him. We are truly blessed to be a part of this part of the world. It is Friday morning in Guam:

Dear McEwan Family,
Swelling has gone down significantly after 3 days
of IV antibiotics

I truly understand your concerns.  Elder McEwan is scheduled for surgery this a.m. to have the cyst removed. It is to be biopsied. He will be under general anesthesia.  The nurse that will be attending him happens to be our YW president.  He is in good spirits.

As soon as he is recovered and knowing their is no risk of infection and cleared by the surgeon, he will be returning to Chuuk.  However, you need not worry about him missing missionary opportunities.  He has been able to keep a regular routine and every time I speak with him he is positive, cheerful and upbeat.

He is likely to stay at my artment at least this night to keep a close monitor, and providing dsg. changes, teaching him how to care for himself, etc.  I promise to take good care of him.  Bless you all with peace.

He forgot to bring his charger for his camera; however I did take a few pictures of him.  The ones in the surgeons office was taken after 3 days of IV antibiotics and some of the swelling had gone down.  This is an added adventure in his missionary memoirs.  I will let him email you this evening after surgery.

Sister McClellan

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