Monday, November 3, 2014

Working Hard in Harmon . . .

November 2, 2014

Hey Family!!

We had kind of a slow week, but super great learning days!!

Hey how was Halloween? You know, no one asked us if we were wearing costumes which i thought was kind of surprising!! We had a great Harvest/Halloween party with the Barrigada Ward. Good job on doing all those lifts, we are going to have fun when I come home!! How are your classes?
Bishop Davis and Barrigada Ward members

Things are going really well with me right now, we are just super busy helping with transfers and zone leader meetings and all that we have to do, but I'm hanging in there!! How was the party? Who is your quorum advisor again? Man, keep working hard and doing what's right!! I'm so proud of you little man!!

So two doctors for Halloween – Dr. Parker and Dr. Dylan?? Nice!! HOw was the carnival? What about the football games? Who are your teachers right now, what classes do you have? Still working for the district I see? TRust me, keep working hard and it will help you so much in your mission!! Man, not a whole lot to tell right now, we have just been busy busy busy but I had an experience the other day with a missionary who is coming home early. I just want to tell you to please keep preparing. GO out w/ the elders when you can, do home teaching, read PMG, all that. I love you brother!! Keep working hard and loving life!!

Elder Ladore BEFORE the pie eating contest
Mom, I'm so glad to hear that you are doing okay!! Man, I miss homemade strawberry and raspberry jam, is it too much to ask for that for Christmas/birthday? How's the vinyl business going? Any more big orders? What about this re-charter business? How did that work out? That's awesome that you are staying busy and having fun!! Thanks so much for trying to help me out with college stuff and all that, it really helps to alleviate stress and worry from my mind. Right now, I have this really awesome part member family that we are trying to get back to working with, the Jimmy Retuyan family, and it's been really sad to watch, because when we first started to meet with them they were doing super good but now that light and enthusiasm is fleeing and it just makes me think about my own family and how grateful I am to have the Mom that I do that encouraged scripture reading and family prayer and all the things that we are supposed to do. You are the best Mom in the world!!

So Dad, any luck on "new opportunities" as you put it last week? Any news on the bsktball team? That's so cool that your High Council position is going so well, I know that those men and women are lucky to have someone like you helping and training them. Dad, I don't know why, but I feel like I just need to tell you that I love you. I only want to make you happy and help you, and I look back and feel sad that I couldn't have done better, but I'm very excited for the future and being able to spend more time with you and family that I love. Hahaha I guess it took being thousands of miles away from my family to realize how lucky and blessed I am to have them. I look around and see all these families in the ward that get to go to movies and picnics and do fun family stuff, and I can't help feeling a little jealous but I know that one day I'll be albe to do that with my own family.
The children love to play musical chairs!

I'm doing really well right now, we actually just concluded our monthly Zone Leader/Sister Training Leader meeting last night, and so we are very excited for the direction that the mission is going in right now. We are working super hard right now in Harmon, we are jst super busy with transfers in a few days. I don't think I'll be going anywhere but we'll see...

Right now we are just trying to find new investigators and all that!! Right now, they're super slow!! We set a goal for 22 baptisms last month and found out last night that we only hit 4... We are just trying to help motivate everyone and get everyone excited right now!! We also just found out who the new AP is going to be since the current one, Elder Petersen, goes home this weeek. THe new Ap is Elder Plocher from Chuuk, I've known him my whole mission. He's super good and I'm really excited to be working with him. That's the news from me this week!!

I love you all so much!! Everyone please know that I pray for you all and want everyone to know that I'm okay and that this Church is true!!

Elder Sean McEwan

p.s. Hey Mom will you get email addresses from Brad Graham and Steve Buffo? I just want to start talking with them about options, specifically Brad so that I can be on time for recertification.

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