Monday, March 3, 2014

Zone Conference and Tour of the Islands . . .

February 4, 2014

Since we are on Weno for Zone Conference, we all went shopping for the month yesterday. Then we came back to Mwan to get changed and go to the high school to play basketball against the locals. Zone meeting had some announcements from the Crisps, then the Zone Leaders relayed some announcements/training from the Mechams and the Princes, and then a really good training from the APs entitled "Mighty Miracles . . . Wrought by Father." Super good training. Just talked about what faith is and what we can do when our faith is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ. After the closing remarks, mission hymn and closing prayer, with cake :) (courtesy of Elder and Sister Crisp).

We all started to wind down for the night, then, as I was sitting outside watching people play ball in the dark, this guy named Owen came over and sat down by me. I received an impression to teach him about our church. So after introducing myself and finding out about him, I then proceeded to share what my calling is (from Alma 5:49) and just talking with him about him and about our church. He stays in Mwan, so hopefully Elders O'bray and Selander can make something happen, because he really is a good guy.

This morning, woke up first (again -- getting pretty good at this :)), played basketball with a crazy guy, then we did a tour of all the missionary outer islands (except for Pata, which I've seen). It was so awesome to finally get to see everyone's islands. We came home and Elder Jonas wasn't feeling too well, so we both just showered and stayed here until dark. Actually, just got done doing some laundry so that makes me happy right now! Also, hopefully my plan for tomorrow works out and that Bakar Joseph (25-year old member guy) is able to come with us. Well, it's late in paradise! Good night!!

Love from paradise,
Elder McEwan

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