Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March is Looking Good . . .

March 4, 2014

Dear Family,

Hey now, how is everyone? I hope well. Things are going great for me and Elder Jonas. We're looking to have 4 baptisms this weekend, a young man named Anikson, and older than me guy named Matt, and two sisters, Rowena and Sanfy. March is shaping up to be a great month!!! I just hope I get to stay for it (we'll have had transfers by the time you get this :)).

I'm doing well, just trying to get everything done that I'm asked to do. Been kind of hard lately because it's been raining every day for the past week, so we're trying to just get out when we can and make the most of it. Hey, one of the youth, Nitik, just came in the house and says "Hello!!" I really like Nitik. He's a good kid.

Rodney is actually leaving on the 8th of March, we're all trying to help him get ready so that he'll be prepared.

Thank you guys so much for the boxes and letters and everything. It really makes my day to get them!!

So a little bit about my branch. We've got about 160 members on record, but we'll be lucky if we have 10-12 of them show up (that doesn't count all of the little kids that come and attend). My Branch President, Tarsisio Walter, is a spiritual man among men and I love him! He's married and has four kids -- 3 boys and one cute little girl that has a crush on me and Elder Jonas. They're all outside and say hi and love to you all.

I love you guys. I miss you so much and I hope this letter finds you all well!! Kot epwe nomw remi ach chusefan!!

Much Love,
Elder Mikiimik

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