Monday, May 6, 2013

Greetings from the Island of Guam . . .

May 5, 2013
Ran Annimami Ai Famini!!
So, hopefully you guys got my letters this week. Let me just say it was a lot of fun writing it all in Chuukese and then translating it :) Glad to hear that it's finally warming up in Utah. I'm not really missing too much yard work, because right now I'm helping the Lord in His yard to "find, teach, and baptize". Hopefully the baseball team does well this week. I've been thinking about how much I have missed of Garrett's Senior year and it makes me really sad, because I was just thinking the other day that when I have been out here 7 months, he will go into the Dominican Republic MTC. All the Elders in Chuuk are very excited for him, as am I. I know he'll do good work. I'm also glad to hear that he is almost done with his Eagle Project, and that's sweet that he wants to do it for the area that he will be serving in. Please send me the announcements for him so that I can pin them up in my house.
Things are going good here in Chuuk. We just had two baptisms on Friday and District Conference on Saturday and Sunday. I had my second baptism on Friday, a boy named Rimanny Reuben and he's super sweet. We've been teaching him for about two months now, and his brother Rimanno has been a big help with him and his learning. Also, we had a big dinner with a great member family the other night. That's one thing I love is eating with members and non members, because then we get to talk with them and also get to teach them as well. Along with that, I'm glad that you guys are feeding the Elders, because when I get home that is one thing I want to do. I'm really getting a feel for the importance of members in the missionary work, because they are the ones that can really connect well with the people and they generally are just more comfortable with the people.
I found my glasses today, because right now, I'm in Guam!! Yes, the wonderful period of transfers has come again, and this time...I'm training. I'll be training in Mechitiw, Elder Obray will be going out to an outer island. I'm a little nervous because I'm not remembering things like I want to be, and I feel dumb when I can't remember. But...God obviously wants me to learn something from this, so we'll see what happens. I have not found my camera, because like I said in my letter, a boy came up to the house and stole it when the little kids were looking at my pictures. So, I'm very sorry, because that was a super nice camera and now I don't have one. All I want is to have a camera so that I can take pictures of baptisms, pictures of the people and be able to show them to everyone when I come home.
Thanks for the boxes and letters, and I'm sorry that I'm so tiparoch (or "stupid") when it comes to writing you guys. Out here though, on P-days, it's hard to write because we plan for the whole day and by Monday morning, I'm super tired anyway. That, and my money. I'm so so SO SO sorry that I've been careless with it, and I'm sorry that Sister Eakins emailed you to put more money in my account. I just knew that I was going to Guam and thought I would need money for luggage and what not. We also have no money for this month from the mission, as they gave us twice the amount of money that we usually get, they gave that to us last month. We didn't realize it and used it last month. So I still have a little bit of money from that, and I still have the $50 that you put on my card. Although, I do now have a budget drawn up.
I just want you guys to know that I really miss you, and I know that it probably doesn't seem that way right now because I haven't written you very much or told you of any experiences. But... I do have ONE experience that will forever stay with me and remind me of the importance of preparation. For District Conference, whenever a Chuukese person would speak, one of us missionaries would translate into a microphone/headset for President and Sister Mecham and I was one of the ones that was asked to do it.... Needless to say, I failed, but it was a good learning experience because I realized that as hard as I have been working, I know I can work harder. I also have a testimony that if I do, Heavenly Father will help me to make it through, because I have seen so many miracles in my mission thus far, and I've been a part of so much happiness that has come as a result of me doing my part and trying to be in the right place at the right time.
I love you all, I miss you all, I pray for you all!!!

Elder McEwan


Note from Elder and Sister Tiffany prior to returning to the states ~ We texted our Mechitiw Elders, McEwan and Obray to make sure they would be in.  We will see them again before we leave but it is always good to see them and get a few picture shots for the mom's back home. Also it should be noted that these boys keep a clean house. Thanks, Moms.

We are definitely going to miss all of the updates from the Tiffanys as they have truly taken care of their Elders! However, the Lord never leaves us alone and Elder and Sister Crisp from Arizona are ready to step in :)

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