Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello from the Island . . .

May 20, 2013
Dear Family--
It was nice to talk to you guys last week!! I'm glad you guys get to see the Tiffany's today, you will need to let me know how they are doing. I'm doing great, Elder FERMANNIS got here on Wednesday of last week, and now we are in Mechitiw, and Elders Walters and Mackie are in Nantaku. It's weird to not have Elder Obray here with me, but I know he's doing good work out in Romalum. So exciting to hear how everyone is doing, and I'm so glad that everyone is staying busy. Give my best to the SHHS baseball team, because I want them to play for championship AND still get to go to all of graduation. Haven't gotten the announcement for Holly and Ronel yet, should be here today or sometime this week though. Which temple are they getting married in?
Things are good here, just trying to get in a groove as far as how to teach and finding people and such. I'm trying to stay happy, but you know, this work is hard and it has it's ups and it's downs, and along with training a new companion, it's got me super super busy. But busy is good right?  We are hoping to have two baptisms this weekend, so we are praying for that. Also, I got that email from Brother Nicosia about the mission video for Stake Conference. You guys can just give them the ones that you have, as I am unable to take more and send them home.
Driving a car out here is a challenge, because only small sections of the roads are paved, so you really have to watch where you are driving so you don't hit potholes. Still haven't tried dog yet, but a couple of people have asked me when I want to try it.
I love you guys, I miss you guys!!
Elder McEwan
P.S. Anymore news about people I know getting mission calls? Any more people getting married soon? I know everyone is in a different place than when I left and life gets crazy busy.

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