Monday, May 6, 2013

Thankful for the Translation of Chuukese . . .

Thankfully, this letter followed the previous one in Chuukese! Now we understand why it was so long between letters. What an amazing Elder we have! It is so awesome to see and hear how he trusts in the Lord in everything that he is doing and experiencing.

April 29, 2013

Dear Family~

How are you guys? You all doing well? Man, I woke up this morning and realized how much I miss all of you. I miss you guys SO MUCH!! What's the news of your lives? If you guys don't know, I'm writing two letters, in Chuukese and in English. This is what I've been doing. Last week, me and Elder O'bray did a change (or "exchange") with the Elders in Sapuk. I stayed in Sapuk with Elder Bowers and Elder O'bray stayed in Mechitiw with Elder Pita. At the time, I didn't know if I would like that plan, because I wanted to stay in Mechitiw, because I want the people in Mechitiw to know me and not hate me. But I still learned a lot from that exchange. I taught about the Book of Mormon to a lady named Sharneen, and I taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a man named K3 and a man named Asanno. I'll be honest, when I started teaching, I was nervous. I felt that I would forget things that I wanted to teach, but I prayed that morning and also prepared a plan of teaching and I think it turned out alright.

Today, I'm thinking about what happened yesterday in Church. At this time, there are eight priesthood holders in our branch, and yesterday they all showed up! One of them his name is Wi K, Sdawe's younger brother. He wants to be a missionary like his brother and he's starting to change his life. He passed the sacrament in Church and he came with us after church when we took the sacrament to the older members in our branch (just like "shut-ins"). There are two other priesthood holders named Rimanno and Sat and yesterday they came to church and came with us after, like Wi K.

This week we have District Conference, just like Stake Conference back home. It'll happen on Saturday and Sunday, which is bad because that means that we can't have our baptisms on Saturday. But don't worry, don't be sad, we're hoping to do the baptism on Friday.

So, because of this, I've been studying the baptismal prayer just in case the three people that are getting baptized want me to baptize them.

Also, I just want you to know that yes, I'm still alive even though I haven't sent you guys news or letters. I still haven't found my camera and there is some news about that. A young boy, I don't know his name, stole my camera when the little kids were outside the house looking at them (the pictures). At this time, I know that my camera is on an outer island called Tol. I feel sad because I  lost all the pictures of my first baptism, along with the people of Mechitiw that I've taken pictures of. But . . . if you guys can put some extra money in my account and I'll see if I can buy a cheap one when I go to Guam next month.

There is however happy news about my glasses! They are still at the A.P.'s house, and I'll find them when I go back to Guam.

So enough about me. Garrett, I'm so excited for your desire to be a missionary and I know it'll be exciting for you as you really start to prepare. Start NOW! I believe you said you will be teaching in Spanish, which means it'll be good for you to study the principles of the Gospel in English and in Spanish. Read from the Book of Mormon in English and in Spanish, and write down a lot of words and their meanings in a book. You'll learn that if you try your best and believe in God, He will help you and strengthen you so that you will be able to teach and help people come unto Christ. That's your calling. Never forget that. I'm also excited about what I hear of news from the baseball team. Congratulations on being #1 in 4A :). Continue to be strong, continue to try hard, because you are an example to your friends and teammates (D&C 18), and they will follow after your example. I believe in your last letter, you asked what my favorite missionary experience has been. Me personally, it's been learning a language, because when we all learn a new language (Mosiah 5:5), it's really hard because the experience is new and we don't know if we'll be able to overcome our nervousness. but I can promise you this, if you try harder than you've ever tried before (D&C33:7) and put your faith in God and Jesus Christ (Alma 22:16 & 18, 2 Nephi 2:27), you'll find yourself start to grow so much in your life. I hope Prom was fun for you and Stefani! :)

Parker ~ 3 Nephi 13:1-4 ~ I hope that things are well with you and I'm happy that you are working as an umpire. It'll help so much in your life because you'll know how to work (D&C 4) and that knowledge is good for everyone to know in their lives. Continue to study, continue to be strong, and continue to lift weights every day! :)

Dylan ~ Alma 48:17 ~ I hope your campout was nice, and that you learned lots and had fun (Alma 48:11, Enos 1:12). I still haven't had dog yet or driven our truck. How's your baseball team? Think you guys will be good this year? Keep trying hard, and continue to lift weights like Parker. I'll be honest, I haven't been lifting weights because there is none in our house.

3 Nephi 18:21 ~ I hope and pray in your names everyday, all the time and I ask God that he will continue to bless you guys. I'll look forward to your emails and letters in the mail.

I love you all!
Elder McEwan


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