Friday, May 31, 2013

Message and Photos from Elder & Sister Crisp . . .

We are so grateful for the "seniors" who have the desire to serve the Lord and also to serve these young missionaries. It helps to know they are taken care of wherever they turn. Elder and Sister Tiffany have had this role for the first few months of Sean's mission. They have returned home to the "states" and Elder and Sister Crisp, from Arizona, are now serving on Chuuk. They have only been there a short time, but certainly hit the ground running! We are very grateful for pictures as Elder McEwan's camera has not been returned by the boy who took it and he hasn't yet received the second camera we sent. We wanted to share a message we received from Elder Crisp about Elder McEwan:

Elder McEwan, ElderBowers (District Leader), Sister Crisp, ElderWalters,
 Elder Toa (on knees), Elder Fermannis (Elder McEwan's trainee
from New Zealand), and Elder Mackie (Elder Crisp is taking the picture :)

Hi Sister McEwan,

We are sending two pictures of Elder McEwan, one of our District and one when we sent Elder Jones home!  I am attaching them both to this email.  We will also be on the lookout for the package with the camera in it for Elder McEwan.  The Zone Leaders and I are the ones who get the mail, so I will alert them to be on the lookout as well!

All is well on Chuuk and the Mechitiw area is doing very well!  We got to go out with Elder McEwan and his companion and did some teaching!  Elder McEwan is an excellent missionary!  Very strong and very committed.  We love working with him!

So, here are the pictures!!

Elder Crisp
One of the last pictures of Elder McEwan and his Trainer, Elder O'bray before
Elder O'bray headed to an outer island to share the gospel and serve
the people of Romalom.

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