Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day from Chuuk . . .

Mom called and spoke with President Mecham on May 6, to let him know of the unexpected passing of Grandpa Darrel Ockler. This happened to be the week that Sean was on Guam doing training with his new Elder, so President Mecham said he would talk to Sean and make sure he was okay. Just another tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father that this happened while he was close to the Mission President.

Sean is sad about Grandpa Ockler, but so grateful that he knows and understands the Plan of Salvation. This is what is getting him through, as it is those of us on the "main island" of Utah.

What a wonderful time we had talking/skyping with Elder Sean McEwan! It was so awesome to hear how happy he is and how much he is learning. He loves his companions and the Chuukese people. His new companion is still on Guam though. He is from New Zealand and doesn't have his Visa for Chuuk yet. They are hoping it will come through within the week.

The work is going well, so the area has been split into two areas. The apartment in the new area isn't quite ready, so Elder Walters and Elder Mackie are staying with Elder McEwan and the three of them are covering both areas. This worked out well since his companion, Elder Fermannis, hasn't arrived yet. Needless to say, they are staying busy doing the Lord's work.

We were able to have video on for a short time. He not only sounds happy . . . he looks HAPPY! It was so reassuring to be able to see him and know he is doing well. He said it was great to see us, too. The connection wasn't extremely great, but considering he was talking to us from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it was amazing!

What a great blessing to be able to talk to our missionary!

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